Private transportation in Lisboa

Private transportation in Lisboa
Trams, buses, metros, ferries, taxis, Uber or Taxify, and walking are all options for getting around Lisbon. There's also a government-run bike-sharing program, albeit it's not the most well-thought-out or functional. There's one more method of transportation to add to that list: electric scooters can also be used to navigate about Lisbon.

In Lisbon, there are various electric scooter firms, including Lime, Hive, and Voi, with Lime being the largest. Several hundred electric scooters from the California-based business can be found around Lisbon, however the majority are most likely in and around Baixa and Cais do Sodré.

These scooters are best suited to flat, paved areas. Unfortunately, much of Lisbon is comprised of steep, cobblestone streets. On the hills and cobblestone streets, many people ride scooters, but it's a jiggly ride.

In Lisbon, there are bike lanes and some parts of the city are paved, making it easy to travel around on a scooter. Bike lanes connect Cais do Sodré and Alcântara, for example, and this is a great way to travel between the two neighborhoods.

On the flat, you can reach speeds of up to 27 or 28 km/h, which is quite fast - especially because you won't be wearing a helmet. When you sign up for the app, it asks if you would wear a helmet, but no one in Lisbon appears to do so.

Scooters aren't the only mode of transportation available through an app. There are other cab applications such as Uber, Cabify, and Taxify, with the majority of them providing free credit when you sign up. Actual scooters (the ones that look like motorcycles) can also be rented using apps like eCooltra.

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