Lisbon by public transport...

Lisbon by public transport...

For Lisbon city transportation, you have 6 different main options and 1 transportation card to use these options. You can easily reach any point you want to go by using these transportation options and the card. First, we will talk about the  transportation (Metro, Bus, Taxi, Rent a Car, Tram, Funicular). So let's get started…
This smart card, which you can use to get on the metro and the buses, trams and rail transport vehicles such as the funicular, which is affiliated with the Public Transport Company named Carris, has been specially designed for tourists.
The card offers you 3 different options to choose from according to your planned trip;

  1. Single Use Ticket. You can make unlimited transfers on Carris and Metro networks within 60 minutes after the card is scanned for the first time. Fee: 1.50 €.
  2. 1 Day Ticket (24 Hours). It includes unlimited usage on Carris and Metro networks within 24 hours after the card is scanned for the first time. Fee: 6.40 €.
  3. Zapping. It is not possible to transfer the difference from a single-use ticket. Fee: 1.33 €

The Lisbon Metro (Metropolitano de Lisboa), which was opened to the public in 1959 and has 56 stations, is the fastest and cleanest way of transportation in the city.
Today, there are four different lines belonging to the Lisbon Metro; Linha Azul (Blue), Linha Amarela (Yellow), Linha Verde (Green), Linha Vermelha (Red).  You can reach the city center from Lisbon Airport by metro. It is known as the fastest and most economical option compared to other means of transportation. The average travel time is 40 minutes. Note that the Lisbon Metro opens at 06:30 and closes at 01:00.

In the city of Lisbon, which has a relatively limited metro system, buses affiliated with the Public Transport Company called Carris are one of the most logical options for getting around the city. These buses, which are divided into 2 as Day and Night Lines, do not have a specific timetable.
It is possible to go from the airport to the city center by buses 759, 794 during the day and 208 at night. Returns from the city center to the airport can be made by buses 759, 794 during the day and 208 at night.

Taxi transportation in Lisbon can be one of the logical options to go to certain touristic spots. Although it is more expensive than other means of transportation, the time savings and the comfort provided are obvious to everyone.
There is an additional charge of 1.60 € for each baggage larger than 55x35x20 cm, 0.80 € for telephone reservations and 1.60 € for each pet. Wheelchairs and strollers are free.

Rent a Car
The transportation option by car in Lisbon is like struggling to survive on an island with very challenging conditions. Especially the heavy traffic jam in the city center, the search for a parking space on the narrow streets where maneuverability is very limited, and the unofficial park employees waiting around after parking… 

In the city of Lisbon, where there are 6 different tram lines, the two most used lines are the tram lines '28' and '15'. These yellow trams, which serve on the narrow and hilly streets of Lisbon, are very popular with tourists because they add a nostalgic atmosphere to the city.
Tram number 28 provides transportation to mostly historical touristic areas, while line 15 is one of the trams connecting the city center and Belem and departing from Cais de Sodré station.

In a city built on 7 hills, yellow-colored Funicular system vehicles, which will save both you and the local people from the torment of climbing steep and long hills, can be used with 'Viva Viagem' legal transportation cards.

Feride Yalcin