Being an Erasmus student in Lisbon

Being an Erasmus student in Lisbon

Hello from Lisbon to everybody. I’m Buket and coming to Lisbon from Turkey. I am an Erasmus internship student in Lisbon. Firstly, I want to mention that why I choosed Lisbon for my internship. The reason is why I choosed here, Lisbon has very colorful, friendly and warmly energy among the European capitals tough in winter. I’m sure that these friendly and colorful energy is going to be more perceivable in summer but the energy of the city is the same.People are so nice and friendly, transportation is quite easy that you can use every transportation vehicles unlimitedly with 40 euros for a month.

You can leave yourself into the flow in Lisbon and this makes your Erasmus experience more interesting. If you have nightlife Lisbon can show where you should go to and this doesn’t force you financially because the prices in Lisbon is very affordability as in nightlife or daily life. Maybe its nightlife can be force you as a mentally but you can get used to it. 

Lisbon has very beautiful and fascinating historical structures such as Cristo Rei or Belem Tower. You should visit them and the others with your de natas. De nata is one of the desserts of Lisbon that if you taste it, you won’t give up. There are a lot of foods, desserts and drinks in Lisbon that if you can find the suitable places to eat and drink, I’m sure that you can find,you should taste all of them.

Now, I’m doing my erasmus internship in MBC Portugal. I like to travel and experience new things and MBC gave to me a starting point with the destinations in Lisbon. They gave us an amazing opportunity to travel and explore new places. So, if you want to travel, taste, and explore new places in Lisbon, you can choose MBC Portugal with peace in your mind.

Buket Gunbay