Summer Erasmus Internship in Lisbon

Summer Erasmus Internship in Lisbon

This entry will provide you some answers about why you should live your Erasmus experience in Lisbon.

Dear all, I am Ertürk Akyüz. I am an Erasmus intern from Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey. I want to tell you about my story of choosing Lisbon as my Erasmus place. As an Erasmus student, I have been in Europe before. The first place that I did my Erasmus was Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. There I meet lots of friends, but my Portuguese friends were the best friends that I had. They told me lots of stories about Portugal, especially about Lisbon. So, I decided that once I have the opportunity, I will go to Lisbon. They told me about the cuisine of Portugal, the ocean, the cheap prices for living and the beautiful city Lisbon. Once I find the chance for attending the Erasmus internship programme, it was decided for me that I will go to Lisbon. Yet, there were some concerns before going to Portugal…

First of my concerns was accommodation. Many Erasmus students are concerned about accommodation prices because most of them have limited budget. The rent prices in Lisbon varies according to the place and the time that you will go. If you can arrange some place earlier, you can find very cheap places. You can rent a room with private bath for 300-400 Euros for a month if you arrange earlier. If you are coming with friends, you can rent a flat or a house around 1000 Euros and split the rent, which would be much more cheaper. There are also some dormitories, but most of them are private, and more expensive than renting a room or house. In addition to that, transportation in Lisbon is quite cheap if you get a monthly pass. For 40 Euros, you can travel unlimited times for a month in all Lisbon metropolitan area, which includes buses, metros, trains in Lisbon, Cascais, Oeiras, Sintra etc.

My second concern was the market prices. Although it was in Eurozone, Czech Republic preferred to use Czech koruna, which was better for me. However, once I arrived Lisbon, I saw that market prices are not that high for an Erasmus student. There are many different markets and each of them provide discounts on different things every week. For a single student, the weekly market expense would not go beyond 50 Euros. And if you are the type who likes to eat outside, there are various restaurants that offer quality food with cheap prices. Most of the restaurants has a menu outside that you can check for the prices. 

Summers in Lisbon is usually very hot. In summers, local people prefer to go the beaches or evening walks. Especially teens love to party at nights in Lisbon. There are lots of bars and cafes in the Cais do Sodre area that people love to go. In addition to that, there is always live music in LX Factory. I think nightlife in Lisbon is quite different from the rest of the Europe. There is always music, laughing, enjoyment and lots of drinking. Lisbon offers much for Erasmus students.

All in all, Lisbon is a beautiful place that offers Erasmus students many opportunities. My internship at MBC Portugal provided me lots opportunities to visit many places in Lisbon. Whether you are an Erasmus student or not, do not be concerned about visiting Lisbon. This city offers students the best opportunities. It only asks for you to enjoy it.

Ertürk Akyüz