Knowledge is Power ^^^

Knowledge is Power ^^^

We have been implementing Erasmus+ projects in Portugal for many years. We guarantee our clients the best work places for project implementation, as well as accommodation and catering and diverse cultural program. We are responsible for the entire logistics of a given project. And all this in accordance with the requirements and preferences of projects’ beneficiaries.

Cultural program - we offer unique trips for participants of all programs. Our guides are passionate about showing you the best of Portugal.

Language courses - we organize Portuguese language courses at various levels, depending on the requirements of a given project.

Accommodation - we are able to organize any type of accommodation. As our goal is to ensure the best location and comfort, we offer accommodation in guest houses, student residences, apartments and hostels. Room standard is always in line with the requirements of a given project and our customers.

Transport - we provide all kinds of transport services - from tickets / cards for public transport to luxury coaches / buses and cars. We work with reliable transport companies that meet the requirements of safety and comfort.

There is notjust one Portugal. There is Portugal for foodies, Portugal full of films and music, cultural Portugal, Portugal for the active ... Portugal has many faces and everyone will surely find something for themselves.