Coffee - tips how to order

Coffee - tips how to order

Being in Lisbon it is worth entering into the skin of a typical João for one day (pronounced by John Smith english-speaking countries).

Mr. João, regardless of the level of morning controversy, will ALWAYS find time to buy morning bica (coffee) and something sweet in his favorite pastelaria (coffee shop).

Breakfast is usually eaten here outside - after all, it is an indispensable element of social life - it's time to smile, press and search for the lost tram. True pastelaria is the one where it smells of fresh coffee, rustle 'Portuguese' and constantly creak saucers.

Note, coffee here has many names:

Um café, por favor! / Coffee please!

café / bica - espresso (meaning black, strong coffee served in a tiny cup)

café pingado - espresso with a drop of milk

abatanado- americana, coffee with the addition of water, served in a larger cup

meia de leite - coffee with milk (half and half)

galão - coffee with a lot of milk served in a tall glass

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