Jardim da Estrela

Jardim da Estrela
The mysterious Jardim da Estrela (Star Garden) most of a all, a garden for people - a place that we can experience, not just visit because recreation in Portuguese has many name.
The garden, is located right next to the Estrela Basilica church. In the morning, it attracts crowds of avid runners, seniors playing the morning game of chess, and moms with their children. In the afternoon it's hard to find a more charming arrangement for colorful picnics, fascinating reading or a short nap under the open sky.
Opened in the second half of the 19th century, the Passeio de Estrela (Star Trek) was a must-see for high-street walkers. Thicker than the local greenery, the imagination of the local aristocracy resulted even in bringing a lion.
The park is characterized by a variety of fauna and flora. Impressive Australian figs, ginkgo, chestnut or cedar are just a small part of plant varieties. Ginger observation, which with great solemnity devotes itself to its daily rituals, may be an entertainment for the patient.
A piece of paradise ... to be sain.
Metro: Yellow line - Rato
Tram: 25, 28
Bus: 709, 713, 720, 738, 773