Breakfast in Portugal

Breakfast in Portugal
The Portuguese breakfast every time are sweet.

Given the right dose of caffeine, our Mr. João travels through a sweet galaxy of sugar, egg yolks, filo pastry paper, almonds and cream. He finds a lot of sweets in Portugal.
Pastel de nata – (also known as: deceased pie) – the most famous portuguese cookie from the filo’s dough in the middle filled with egg pudding, tastes great with a bit of cinnamon (original only you can buy in Belem district, in the best place Pasteis de Belem)
Likewise „something sweet” can mean:
  • queijada - cookie, outside crispy, in the middle filled with a mass consisting of cheese, flour, sugar and cinnamon
  • bola de Berlim - donut in Portuguese often with cream
  • torrada - toast abundantly greased with butter (do not be sour, sprinkle with sugar)
  • brioche - butter croissant (for the unruly - with ham and cheese)
  • palmier - a wrapping made of puff pastry
  • broa to mel - tasty Portuguese gingerbread with the addition of honey, nuts and cinnamon
  • tarte de amêndoa - almond tart
Note, in Portugal it is worth giving up a large  breakfast, because lunch will be soon at noon.