Casa do Alentejo

Casa do Alentejo
Seeing, for the first time, the immensity of oriental mosaics, lace arches and figurine stucco, we are overwhelmed by the impression that we have moved to the Land of the Thousand and One Night. 
Casa do Alentejo - is an institution dedicated to promoting the 'land on the Tagus' (Alentejo). It is a region covering about 1/3 of the area of Portugal and gathering only 10% of its population - the main agricultural area of the country and the homeland of an exceptionally colorful folklore.
The building itself carries a very interesting story. In this place in late 15th century was a pigsty, a slaughter house and a tannery, two centuries later an impressive noble palace was built. However, the real period of splendor of the objectis the beginning of the 20th century, when one of the first Lisbon casinos - the 'Magestic Club' - was founded here. The former pigsty floors turned into sophisticated dance floors, and the opaque decorations helped to drown out the longing for squandering wealth.
With any luck, maybe we can capture the essence of the soul of the region and see the concert of bands from Alentejo region. Folk songs about the land, love, brotherhood and passing away...
It is worth to take a look at the small tavern located on the right side from the main entrance. Courtyart with an olive tree - this is a place where time has stopped, and we can plunge into reading and contemplate or throw yourself into the whirl of local gastronomy. The Alentejo cuisine is, above all, a treat for carnivores. The menu of dish estempts with a ful lrange of Portuguese sausages, scrambled eggs, olives and large quantities of regional wine
Address: RuaPortas de Santo Antão 58
Access: Metro - blueline - Restauradores / Metro - greenline – Rossio