Inspirational “Lisbon Under The Stars”

Inspirational “Lisbon Under The Stars”

'Lisbon Under The Stars' is a multimedia performance presenting the history of Portugal during over 600 years. It takes place on the ruins of the Carmelite Convent (Convento do Carmo) and presents the history of the time of the founding the monastery. This year's edition has just ended - it took place form 2nd May until 20th July.

The city has created a new way of experiencing the history of Lisbon and important episodes from all over the country. Many of our groups have a pleasure to participate in this extraordinary spectacle. It was a great form of summary of an intensive tour of the historical capital of Portugal.

Walls of Carmo, transformed into a script that draws into a three-dimensional canvas. During the spectacle we could admire a lot of many well-known artists and dancers.

Everything in the company of famous fado music performed by Portuguese vocalists, for instance Mariza, Rao Kyao, Teresa Salgueiro, Coro de Câmara, Lisboa Cantat and Orquestra De Camara. 

The Carmelite Monastery was founded in Lisbon 630 years ago. Currently, its ruins are one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lisbon. Do not waste the opportunity and enjoy with us getting to know history of Portugal in a different way!

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By Monika Łukasik