Sip of coffee in Lisbon

Sip of coffee in Lisbon

Another place in Lisbon which you must visit- Café a Brasileira-the oldest café in Lisbon.

It was founded in 1905 by Adriano Telles. In fact, it was created to promote Brazilian coffee which was unappreciated by people living in Lisbon. Apparently, everyone who bought one kilogram of ground coffee received a cup of coffee as a gift. We can say that at that time it was marketing hook. Everything was done to popularize Brazilian coffee among the people in Lisbon. Besides the coffee, the founder of Café a Brasileira imported from Brazil other products such as spices, flour, wine, tea and olive oil.

In addition to ordinary residents visiting the cafe. It was also a popular place among intellectuals, scientists and writers. Fernando Pessoa - the famous Portuguese poet - often came here.

It is worth to mention that Adriano Telles also opened Café a Brasileira in the North of Portugal in Braga in 1907.

Perfect location (Chiado district) makes possible to take short break during sightseeing without leaving the city center. It is mandatory to put this place on the list of places to see in Lisbon.

Important! Before you order a coffee, remember that the price can be different depending on where you drink it. For example, if you drink a coffee standing near the counter, you will pay less while sitting at the table. It is worth to remember about this. You will not be surprised when you receive your bill to pay. 

By Karolina Czerniak