The sweet side of Portugal

The sweet side of Portugal

During journeys it is possible to find many different sweets or cakes which are characteristic for the country or place. In case of Portugal is the same. For sure we will find here the most famous custard tart which is called Pastel de Nata. It is possible to find it almost everywhere in each café. One custard tart has around 300 calories. But as we know we cannot skip sweet things during the holidays. That’s why there is one rule- A day without Pastel de Nata is a lost day.

During sightseeing in Lisbon, after visit the Monastery of Jeronimos, it would be a sin to miss the place which is the most famous pastry shop in Lisbon- Pastéis de Belém. There we will find original custard tarts which there we called them Pastéis de Belém. It is said that over 20000 Pastéis de Belém are prepared every day.

The beginning of preparing Pastéis de Belém was in 1837 according to the recipe from the Monastery of Jeronimos. The recipe knows only some people and until today the recipe is one the most guarded secrets in Lisbon.

It is worth to mention here one Portuguese proverb which says that bride who will eat Pastel de Belém will never take off the wedding ring. So brides you know where you have to go now.

Usually lines to get Pastéis de Belém are quite long and can scare a lot of tourist. But it is worth to spend some time to get original Pastel de Belem and then enjoy their taste.

By Karolina Czerniak