What worth to bring from Portugal...

What worth to bring from Portugal...

At the end of vacation, a tourist can face a challenge because thoughts revolve around what exactly can be brought from vacation.

Besides usual things such as postcards or magnets for the fridge it’s worth to bring something else from Portugal that you won’t find it in your country. Below you can find my suggestions of some souvenirs from Portugal.

Pastel de Nata
In Poland Pasteis de Nata are not so available. It is true that sometimes they can be found in Portuguese cafes located in some Polish cities or in ,,Biedronka” during Portuguese week. But as we know is not the same. That’s why it is worth to bring one or two packages of Pasteis de Nata from Portugal. Personally, I always bring them with me so then I can offer them my family or friends.

Or maybe a cork?
As Portugal is one of the leader of cork producer in the world. In many souvenir shops you can find products such as bags, washbags, jewelry, bookmarks, shoes, ties, bow ties and even dresses made of cork. Therefore, among many cork products everybody will find something perfect for themselves.

In Lisbon to try it you can go to the Rossio square. So it is worth to buy one bottle to be able to enjoy the taste of Ginjinha while you are at home. In Portugal you can get it almost everywhere, in each bigger supermarket.

Beautiful colorful, or maybe white and blue? Small bowls or maybe larger dishes? As a decoration or dish for everyday use? Among the ceramic products everyone will find something for themselves in the right colors according to their preferences.  

Above we have mentioned something about ceramics. So we cannot forget about Azulejos which decorate many houses in Portugal and monuments as well such as Sao Bento station in Porto. From Portugal you can bring a tile and decorate your apartment or tile in the form of a fridge magnet.

By Karolina Czerniak