The proposition for active people

The proposition for active people

If you have already passed Lisbon length and breadth. You know almost every corner. You like to spend your time walking or cycling. And during your vacation you still have time to do something interesting. Then, this proposal can be for you.

It is worth going to Cascais which is only 40 min away by train from Lisbon city center- exactly from Cais do Sodre train station. Besides the beaches and the charming town with the view of the ocean, Cascais offers something else…

From center of Cascais there is a bicycle path and pedestrian path as well which lead to Guincho beach. There are different ways to get there. Is recommended a path along the ocean of around 9km. By choosing this route, beautiful view and attractions like Boca do Inferno will wait for you. The route is not so demanding so everybody will manage it.

In the city center there are several bicycles rentals where you can rent a bike for 2h, 5h or for all day as you wish. The cost varies depending on rental company but the price should not exceed more than 15 euros for renting a bike for the whole day.

People who don’t like cycling can choose the same route and go on foot.

By Karolina Czerniak