Returns to Lisbon

Returns to Lisbon

During the fourth year of supplementary master studies in the field of tourism and recreation, I decided to apply for an internship. The company that accepted my candidacy was the MBChome - tourist event organization office in Lisbon.

I've always wanted to go to a Spanish-speaking country for a longer period of time, but I ended up in a Portuguese-speaking one. Nevertheless, I was glad that my candidacy was accepted and that the experience will be useful in my future job, which I associated with the tourism industry.

The beginnings were not easy. I didn't speak Portuguese at all, it was very hot in July and August and I didn't have any friends here. The MBChome company gave me the opportunity to undergo various internships with professional guides, I got to know the specifics of working in the office, I learned to work in a team. Unfortunately, after two months, I had to return to Poland to finish my last year of studies. I missed Portugal all this time, the country, the weather and the people I met here… I decided to start learning Portuguese.

After finishing my last year of studies, I decided to apply again for an internship in my beloved Lisbon. I was very happy when I got approval from MBChome to accept me for an internship. Being back in Lisbon, I decided to sign up for a free Portuguese language course for immigrants.

In July, it will be almost four years since I live in Lisbon. I traveled most of the country and got a job. I work as a travel guide in Portugal. With tourists, I visit Lisbon, Fatima, Nazare, Batalha, Alcobaça, Porto, Sintre and other tourist destinations. I work with both large tourist groups and individual tourists. We organize incentive, pilgrimage and tourist trips. I got to know the culture, history and customs of this beautiful country and learned Portuguese. I found a job that I like very much and my place on earth in Lisbon.

And all of this thanks to participation in the Erasmus program.

Author Anna Wiśniewska