Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel

Erasmus+ trips are also a form of incentive, they have become a fashionable way to improve the educational results. Erasmus+ motivates you to be a better student or an employee and allows you to strengthen your scientific or business relations and it also creates mutual ties between participants. The adventure and unique emotions will remain in your memory forever. Breath-taking Portugal will surprise you in many ways.

We will make an offer especially for you.

Portugal through the lens of a camera
Our offer includes professional photography courses. We promise, to help discover charming landscapes and  also offer you help from professional photographers.

Portugal for geologists
We have a wide range of geologist trails and choice of training organized by universities in Lisbon on offer.

Portugal for farmers
An ideal offer for those, want to lear like the secrets of agriculture. We organize study tours in vineyards, in cork factories (which is one of the one of the most exported products made in Portugal), in dairy's farms, on olive fields and so on...

Portugal for foresters
Our offer consists of a series of lectures relating about the economic value of eucalyptus and the methods of preventing the fires in Portugal, we also organize a trip to the most popular forests in Portugal. We organize visits to schools and to universities.

Portuguese handcrafts
We have a proposal for those of you who would like to learn the secrets of portuguese craft. The secret behind cork production, weaving classes in Arraiolos, ceramic marvels in the famous Bordalo Pinheiro Museum… Those are just a few of our suggestions. “Portuguese handcrafts” is an ideal option, for you. If you're not only interested in learning the theory, but also want to also create your own handcraft.

Portugal for teachers 
Fantastic offer for teachers and lecturers, we have range of training course in an international environment. We organize visits to schools and to universities.Our programs include among others a visit to one of the oldest university in Europe in the University of Coimbra, which uses Montessori education and others alternative education methods.

School trips
We guarantee a complex organization of school trips. Interesting trip ideas, funny activities and visiting the most outstanding parts of Portugal- everything that students need. Trekking, discovering fossilized dinozaurs, handcrafts workshops, painting or photography lessons and much more. With your help your pupils will have a rich and fulling experience, and no time to get bored.

Meditation at the cost of the Atlantic ocean
We offer yoga classes and meditation courses in one of the loveliest parts of Portugal.

Surfing in Portugal
Did you know that Portugal is the best destination for surfing?
Have you ever heard about Nazare, where in 2018 Rodrigo Coixa broke the world record for largest waves ever surfed? You cannot imagine a better place for this sport! We will help you find a professional course, that suits your needs.

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