Erasmus life in Lisbon

Erasmus life in Lisbon

Hi everyone, I'm Salih from Turkey. I am doing an Erasmus internship in Lisbon. Lisbon should be at the top of the list of cities that a student will choose to do Erasmus. Why Lisbon? Lisbon is a very lively, student-friendly city. It is perfect with everything from transportation to food, from people to places to visit. When I won Erasmus in Lisbon, I was not very happy because of the coronavirus. I didn't think everything would be so enjoyable. If you are in Lisbon and you have limited time, the city and its opportunities force you to ignore the coronavirus. Although there are some restrictions due to Corona, people find a way to have fun and this way is very nice. Ok, I admit the road is not very beautiful, but the view is great. After the closing time of cafes and bars, people find places to have fun. Lisbon offers a very nice Erasmus adventure with its people, tourists and fast life. Doing an Erasmus internship during the summer in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, one of the most tourist-attracting countries in Europe, was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Transportation in Lisbon is so easy that you can use the metro, train, bus, tram and ferry unlimitedly for a month for a price of 40 euros. If you are a nightlife lover, Lisbon is the place for you. The city, which is good at transportation without having to think about how to get home at night, offers options for you. The metro ends at 1 a.m., but there are buses everywhere every hour. I can't describe the beauty of doing Erasmus in Lisbon, which has many more beautiful advantages. have to live.

First of the question is why did ? chose Lisbon to do my erasmus? Because Lisbon is an insane and amazing city. There is always music on the street and smiles on people’s faces. Lively and lovely city lisbon. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Prices are quite reasonable for a capital city. So that people can always afford fun activities. The first thing that caught my attention was the fascinating historical structures of every street and every building and how clean the streets are. There is also the fact that people are always happy even though they are mostly poor. Because they care more about enjoying their life than money. These are the most important reasons why ? choose Lisbon for erasmus.

I am in Lisbon for an Erasmus internship in MBC Portugal. For me, this is the best internship in all around Europe because ? have to do my internship as a traveler. I am going to worth places in which must see,definitely. By going to those places, I can meet local people, learn some portuguese and taste the best foods in Lisbon. I always try my best for MBC Portugal because they gave me an amazing opportunity to enjoy and learn everything about Lisbon and Portugal. 

Finally, I am enjoying being a student, tourist, citizen and everything in Portugal. If you have decided or need to go to Portugal for Erasmus, don't worry, just be happy because it will be the most memorable time of your life!

                                                                                                                                    Salih Ipekçi