Youth exchanges

Youth exchanges

Erasmus+  provides young people, youth workers, and organizations focused on youth work an opportunity for internationalization, exchanging thoughts and ideas, and collaboration. Participation provides young people with a life-changing experience. 

Erasmus+ for the youth sector include:
- providing young people, youth workers and organizations with opportunities and experiences related to internationalization
- developing international cooperation in the youth sector
- developing the quality of youth work
- supporting youth policy reform.

Some of the projects in the youth sector are aimed directly to young people, so that they can personally plan the projects with the support of the project supervisor. 

- The countries participating in a youth exchange establish their own groups of young people. These groups consider together what and how they would like to learn during the meeting.
- Youth dialogue or dialogue between young people and decision-makers, provides young people with an opportunity to influence the decisions that apply to them. The project aims to create genuine and meaningful dialogue with decision-makers.
- In the Transnational Youth Initiative, young people wish to correct shortcomings or improve living environments in an international group of young people. Groups of young people are established in each country participating in the project, and the young people collaborate in planning the means and tools for promoting the issues of their choice.

Youth workers can develop their competence
- Mobility of youth workers provides youth workers with an opportunity for developing their professional competence in international collaboration. Those involved and working with young people get to consider issues they seek to resolve together with colleagues from countries participating in the project.

- Those working with young people can apply for free international training. The short empowering training periods guide the participants in the practices of projects in the Erasmus+ youth sector, among other things. The training also provides you with tips on the best practices or searching for project partners.

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