Fires in Portugal

Fires in Portugal

Portugues fires in opinion of local people. A short interview with one Portuguese friend.

Do you know if there are any wildfires in Portugal?

Every year, woods burn in Portugal, particularly in the country's sparsely populated north and center, where vast expanses of land have been converted to eucalyptus monocultures. The administration is now retaliating.

Why there is fire forests? What is the reason?

Or, more often than not, human error. In truth, human activity is to blame for the majority of wildfires in the United States. A fire can start if a spark occurs in the presence of oxygen and fuel, such as dry grass, brush, or trees. Weather and environmental circumstances might also contribute to the fire spreading quickly.

What was the source of the fires in Portugal?

Although most initial official accounts blamed the disaster on a dry thunderstorm, the President of the Portuguese Firefighters League believes the fire was started by arsonists.