Erasmus from Turkey

Erasmus from Turkey
Hello everyone, I am Guliz from Turkey. I have done my Erasmus Internship in Lisbon and I liked every moment about it.  
Looking at everyone's life, we see that the most important concerns are safety and peace of mind, and I think both of these are located in Portugal. And above all Portugal is cheaper and more economical than other European countries. Almost everything is good here and one of the things I'm interested in is that this country is a constantly developing country.

With the diverse and exciting life in Lisbon, I found the other person in me, where you become someone with a unique personality. As an intern, you have many options to do without stress; like transportation card and discounts in shops. You can best study with other interns and students and have fun after work.

The Portuguese, like those in other countries, love seafood and meat with wine. But the food that appealed to me the most was the chicken with rice served with salad and french fries.

As a part of technology, you can search for accommodation on Google like in other countries and see Portuguese sites or other sites in order from the cheapest to the most expensive, and you can easily find shared rooms with other workers or students.

Universities have very good Portuguese courses for international students but even better, the Portuguese Government as a government organization is opening Portuguese courses.

There are many great and fun nightclubs (especially on Infante Dom Henrique Street), restaurants, cafes, bars... all available in Lisbon and outside of Lisbon where the security is good, like Sintra and Cascais, you can take it by yourself. You can have a good time with your friends. But other than that you can take a few days to have fun and go to Porto, Algarve and the north of Portugal.

Guliz Sipka